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What People Are Saying About The Next New Nothings

Long guitar solos introduce each track, which make you want to get up and shake your head to. ‘The Warning/Take my time’ starts the album off, with a melancholy theme, both lyrically and tempo wise. However it picks up the rhythm to become a really exciting. A lot like the Editors’ track ‘A Ton Of Love’, but with a lot more beat and base.

These tracks are short and sweet and are great ‘wake up’ songs to get you started for the day, if you’re suffering from a late night. ‘If You Make It To Hell’ can do just that with a lot more movement than the previous. Whilst many Indie/Rock bands produce tracks that sound the same, Next New Nothings mix up the tempo and ‘I Don’t Know Who I Am’ proves this. A hint of The Libertines can be heard in the Chorus with the laid back chords and tempo.

‘She Said No’ will definitely get your head moving, a retro feel can be heard in this song and breaks up the track list really well. It’s just a shame that the track is so short! Another track like this one is ‘She’s A Wild One’, nostalgia from the 80′s, when the Indie genre really caught on.

Next up, ‘Post Next Day Animal Blues’, (what a great name!) peels back the real instrumental talent in this band. Most probably the quickest beat that the album holds, it’s such a catchy track. ‘Get Me Where I Need To Go’ holds a dark and hard hitting sound. Punchy guitar and drum patterns surround the sound of the well flowing lyrics.

Upbeat both vocally and instrumentally, ‘A Thousand Years’ produces an eccentric feel and creates a well balanced ending with ‘Revolution Pending’. This track has a repetitive and catchy rhythm and plays around with sounds of those that come from the likes of Oasis.

The Next New Nothings have done themselves proud with this album and we are sure that this edgy and charismatic band, not only musically but also visually, will be playing through the speakers of your radio soon!



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